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This special week long retreat will be held at the Ghost Ranch Spiritual Center called "Casa del Sol". We will be staying at Casa del Sol, and since there is only room for 10 participants, you will have the time and space to fully explore your spiritual journey through the art sessions and spending time at Ghost Ranch.

There will be two art sessions each day and time for you to explore Ghost Ranch and other places nearby. Santa Fe is about an hour south of Ghost Ranch and the hot springs at Ojo Caliente is less than an hour away.

There is a great deal of freedom and joy in creating a non-verbal expression of your Spiritual Journey through drawing. You will be supported in your exploration of your personal style of expression through a contemplative approach to art making.

As you begin to draw with the oil pastels, you will quickly discover you can trust your inner intuitive process to create a personal expression from your heart centered perspective.

Expressing your personal Spiritual Journey through contemplative drawing provides a way to look at your life experience in a non-linear, non-verbal and spontaneous way.

For participants with no art-making experience, you will have the opportunity to discover your creativity in a safe, supportive environment. For experienced artists, the workshop will expand your creative experience to include a meditative approach to your personal expression.

Retreat Schedule

Day 1 - Arrival between 2 - 5 pm
Dinner between 5:30 - 6:30 pm
Ghost Ranch Orientation at 7 pm
Introduction at Casa del Sol at 8 pm

Day 2 - "Opening to the Center of Your Spiritual Journey" - what your spiritual journey means to you through Contemplative Art.

Day 3 - "Finding the Colors of Your Spiritual Perspective" - Introduction to Color Theory

Day 4 - "Walking the Path of Your Spiritual Journey" - Introduction to compositional elements.

Day 5 - "Framing Your Spiritual Journey Within Your Life" - Introduction to Mandala.

Day 6 - "Completing Your Exploration of Your Spiritual Journey"

Day 7 - Departure by 10 am

Each session lasts 2 hours.
Drawings on this page are by Suzanne Frazier.

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