Suzanne's Studio

1114 Neon Forest Circle, Suite 3b, Longmont CO 80504
(entrance is on Ionosphere Street)


Suzanne Frazier Art Studio

My studio is located just south of the intersection
of Pike Road and US Highway 287
in Prospect New Town.

One block south of Pike Road
on US Highway 287
turn onto Tenacity Drive.

Head west for one block
then turn left (south)
onto Ionosphere Street for one block.
(Two Dog Diner is on the southeast corner
and Brewing MarketCoffee Shop is on the northwest corner.)

As you drive south on Ionosphere Street,
you will drive past (on the west side of the street)
a big orange building and then a big yellow building.

My buildiing is the third building, red brick with green trim,
at the corner of Neon Forest Circle and Ionosphere.
The studio door is on Ionosphere Street

As you drive down Ionosphere
there is a rescued old gas station
that looks like it is falling down
at the end of the street,
my studio is in the building adjacent
old gas station.

Images and content © 2012, Suzanne Frazier. All rights reserved.