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Artist Statement

As a contemplative artist, I spend my days exploring the infinite possibilities of the creative process.  Like the experience of contemplation, art is infinite and one never reaches the end.   That is why I am an artist.                                                   

In each attempt to create, I try to bring out the extraordinary aspects of everyday existence by capturing the expansive beauty onto a painted canvas.  For me, the process is pure joy.

In my artwork, I use color as the central focus.   Paul Cezanne encourages artists to make color the predominate element in a painting when he wrote ‘there is a logic of colors and it is with this alone and not with the logic of the brain that the artist should conform.’   

The images in my paintings are designed specifically to hold color.  The more outrageous the combinations of hues I employ the happier I am.

My bottom line as an artist is to excite the eye with color and inspire the mind to look at the world from a colorful perspective. I share my contemplation.

























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