2013 Art Retreats




November 9

9 am - 4 pm

$12 Materials

Introduction to Labrynith -
A Contemplative Art Workshop

Creative Life Center
St. Ambrose Episcopal Church
7520 South Boulder Road
Boulder, Colorado 80303
Map & Directions: Click Here

This contemplative art workshop will give you time for personal exploration into the Labyrinth. We will look at this sacred design, that can be traced back 4,000 years, from multiple points-of-view. There are many types of labyrinths and you will have the opportunity to find the design that fits your personal inquiry.

In the morning session, we will look at the Labyrinth as a symbol of spiritual journey and you will be introduced to the concept of art as a metaphor for the contemplative experience. In the afternoon session, we will explore the Labyrinth as a mandala. During the workshop there will be time to reflect on what aspects of the labyrinth journey are important to you as you give expression through art to your inner wanderings and discoveries.

Come play, relax and discover your creativity!

Contemplative Artist Suzanne Frazier will introduce you to a meditative approach to making art using oil pastels, in a safe supportive environment. No art experience is necessary. Expressing yourself through contemplative drawing provides a way to look at your life experience in a spontaneous way.

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The registration fee does not include the Materials Fee ($12) that I will collect at the beginning of the art workshop. (Materials Fee includes box of 36 oil pastels, drawing board and drawing paper, that you get to take home with you.)

There will be a lunch break. For those interested, we will drive to a nearby restaurant and eat as a group or you are welcome have lunch on your own. The cost for lunch is not included in the workshop fee.

I am so delighted to be teaching this special contemplative art workshop at the Creative Life Center. Plan to join me for a day of creativity. If you can't attend the workshop and are interested in the events at the Creative Life Center, please sign up for their newsletter: Click Here















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